Sal and Elaine Photography | Monica
50 and Fabulous!
What a great privilege it was for us to photograph Monica. Monica had not had professional photos of herself done in ages. We get it. Working a full time job and being a wife and mother, many women just don't take the time they deserve for themselves. Monica came to our studio with low expectations for herself believing she did not look good in photos. Well, it was our job to change that. She's already gorgeous, so it wasn't too hard. We glammed her up with some hair and makeup and off we went. The best part was seeing Monica during her reveal. It was so precious for us to see how much she loved her photos!

She left us with this beautiful quote.

"Sal and Elaine are absolutely amazing. They are very professional, fun and really make you feel at ease. This experience was like no other. I really was a “Model for the Day” and felt beautiful. Every time I look at my photos it takes my breath away!"