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Welcome to Sal and Elaine Portraits. Our studio specializes in contemporary portrait sessions for women. We believe all women are beautiful without exception. Our goal is to capture those moments where your true spirit shines through, and you feel beautiful and strong.

When was the last time you had professional portraits taken? Portraits just for you. Portraits about you. Love and celebrate who you are right now. Let us capture your beauty ....your essence ...your spirit.

Celebrate you with a luxury portrait session!   CONTACT US to book your consultation. 


Let us Transform How you See Yourself



You are beautiful now. In this moment.

We understand the struggle that many women have accepting themselves. The perception of how others see them and the fear that they can't possibly look good in photographs. 

We promise to capture your beauty in a way that you would never have imagined. It's all done with flattering poses, the skilled use of light and shadow, composition, and most importantly, making that connection .....with yourself. Believing you are truly beautiful, and accepting that you are a powerful, strong, confident woman. 

A great portrait is made by what's happening on both sides of the camera. The camera is simply an instrument which captures that moment.

So don't think you have to wait until you lose that next 20 pounds to look beautiful. Because:

You are beautiful NOW

You ARE photogenic

You are NOT too old

You are NOT too fat

You DON'T have too many wrinkles

you are YOU

So why wait, when we can make you look gorgeous right now. The future is not guaranteed. You deserve to have a gorgeous photo of yourself and to exist in photographs for future generations. And many years from now when you look back at these heirloom pieces, you'll be able to reflect on how beautiful you always were.


Beauty is not about looks, make-up, or clothes. True beauty comes from within. Let us capture it, and show it to you through our photographs.



The Experience


 1  Complimentary Consultation 

How would you like to be photographed?

The consultation is where we get to know each other. You’ll share how you would like to see yourself in photographs and we’ll design a session specifically for you. We’ll talk about wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup style, and any special requests you may have. The consultation usually takes place in the comfort of our home while we enjoy some snacks and beverages. We’ll introduce you to our studio and explain how the whole process works. This is where we will go over our packages and show you the gorgeous products we have to offer. You’ll have an opportunity to view some of our work and see how it actually looks in print, versus on a tiny phone screen. We want to ensure you have an unforgettable experience and come away with amazing photos that you’ll love.   ...and that all starts with planning!


 2  Transformation

Model for a Day!

The day of the shoot will be a fun, relaxing experience. Let's begin with some banter as we enjoy a snack and beverage and get to know the team. Then we'll get you ready with professional hair and make-up, and a bit of pampering to make you look and feel your best. Next we'll help you choose your first outfit and accessories, and when you're ready, we'll head into the studio for your guided photo session.


 3  Portrait Session

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's natural for most people to feel a little apprehensive in front of a big camera with lights flashing at you. Sal and Elaine are relaxed, easy going people, and it's our job to help you relax and just be who you are. We will guide you in posing as we enjoy going through the ideas from the consultation. We also do some free flow posing and just let you be who you are, so we can capture the essence of you. Our studio comes equipped with a change area for outfit changes, and we even have a few outfits and accessories of our own you might like to try.

We allow time for multiple wardrobe changes so you can go from your comfy jeans and boots, to professional, to glam, to sexy all in one shoot.

Following the photo session, we suggest you head out for a date with your spouse, partner or friends. After all, you will already look and feel amazing!


     4  Image Reveal

The best day of all!

Come alone, or bring friends or family for a private viewing of the portraits from your session. As we enjoy some refreshments, we'll show you the best 30 to 40 photos from your session. Each image will be fully retouched with our signature style. This is where you will select only the images you absolutely love for purchase. Either individually, or in one of our gorgeous packages. 

You can be assured that there will be no sales pressure. That's not our style and we would never impose it on anyone.



This is not just your typical "photoshoot", but a luxury, custom tailored, transformative experience, which will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful. 




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What Clients are Saying

Sal and Elaine are absolutely amazing. They are very professional, yet fun and make you feel at ease. This experience was like no other. I really was a "Model for the Day" and felt beautiful. Every time I look at my photos it takes my breath away!       - Monica



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